Leads; The Hottest Commodity In Business Or MLM!

LEADS; The Hottest Commodity In Business!

In any business or income opportunityleads are the hottest commodity in business or MLM! Sales have to come from somewhere and High Quality Sales Leads are the driving force that will determine a businesses profits and/or losses.

Whether it’s from sales revenue or service charges or other transactions, the bitter business truth is that every dime in your pocket used to be in someone else’s pocket.

Leads, The Hottest Commodity Of MLM

It’s Not A Bad Thing

Just because you have money that used to be in someone else’s possession doesn’t mean that the former owner is now busting out the food stamps. Through however many transactions between however many parties, you received money, and they received either goods or services. And that’s how an economy works.

On a less Macro scale, in the world of network marketing, this principle remains especially true and obvious. At the very core of your business, you make money through the sale of goods or services to someone.

You yourself may never sell a thing and be living in a huge mansion, but odds are you’re benefiting from the sale of something to someone. This system of making sales work for you is part of the appeal of  Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Downlines. You benefit from the work of others. The more people you have in your downline, the more profits you are making.

Downlines make sales…
You make money
End of story…
But what’s the name of the game?     LEADS

LEADS = Money $$$

You’re going to be working really, really hard to pay for that huge mansion on door-to-door sales and Tupperware parties. If you can get downlines, you can get money. In order to have downlines, you need leads. In short, High Quality Leads equal money.

And that’s the MLM secret, which you already know, of course. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you can’t make a fortune by yourself in this business. But just because you know that you need leads doesn’t mean you can find them. And that’s where so many MLM ventures fail.

It is a commonly reported statistic that well over 90% of those involved in MLM never make a profit. But you can bet that a healthy supply of leads will keep you in the successful ten percent.

There’s a couple different ways to go about it. You can do what most MLMers do (and fail): make a list of your friends and family (sound familiar?), pass out business opportunity fliers, spend lots of money and have social functions, beg, plead, scream, pass out, wake up, continue or you can click below (No credit card required):

7 day free trial

Eventually, the strenuous effort takes its toll on your health and you leave the industry to do something a little more docile and less stressful on your health, like substitute teaching in an alternative high school.

Leads pic 3

Personally, I made 100 cold calls a day to my Hot Opportunity Seeker Leads. I made a list of my 100 closest friends and family members, I went to weekly Hype-filled Rah-Rah Opportunity Meetings or conference calls, I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses and Proven Turnkey Systems, with limited success.

Lead Generation; A Better Way!

There is a better way. A way to generate leads to your business who come looking for it. The Power Lead System is designed to do that one thing: generate leads. And it does so with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency in the industry. Subscribe today, do it NOW! Limited free trial offer…

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Much Prosperity,

Troilus J Moss


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My name is Troilus J Moss, I was raised in the Metropolitan Detroit area where I developed over 20+ years of skills in the Marketing/Direct sales arena. As a professional in the business of investments, marketing, and networking, I have come to realize that the most important commodity in life is, "People & Relationships". I am focused externally with helping others to focus and hone their skills on the basics of relationship marketing so that they can realize their dreams. I love to display my talents and I learned from others who laid the tracks before me to stay Confident and aggressive towards my dreams and helping others. To me, having the proper skills for creating measurable plans, is one of the single most important skills to success that one can possess. Remember, an idea without a plan is just a fantasy! I look forward to networking and building relationships daily. If you're a like minded individual, I believe we have a prosperous rode ahead of us and I CHALLENGE you to push me to push you to greater heights in life and in business. Remember to have fun and I'll see you at the top. Happy Marketing, Troilus J Moss http://gravatar.leadsuccesspro.com/ P.S. TO WORK WITH ME PERSONALLY, AND GET YOUR 25 FREE QUALIFIED LEADS THAT INCLUDE: NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, AND EMAIL CLICK THE LINK BELOW, DO IT TODAY!!! http://gravatar.leadsuccesspro.com/ Opportunity as far as the mind can see...

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