Concentrate On Duplicating Instead Of Recruiting!

Concentrate On Duplicating Instead Of Recruiting

In any business, simplicity is key. Today I will be talking
about the importance of focusing on, “Duplicating Instead
Of Recruiting”.


Today’s message will help you take a look at some areas
where duplication is critical to your success in building
a home business…

Ask Yourself The Three Questions:

1) Is your way of getting prospects something that not only
works, but is easy for your team to duplicate?

2) Is your way of presenting your business, not only effective,
but also something that is easy for your team to duplicate?

3) Is the way of following up with prospects, not only automated
but also easy for your team to duplicate?

Are you noticing a pattern here … let me continue…


When you train someone, is it not only effective, but is it
something that anyone on your team can easily duplicate?…


Do they need to be a master trainer, or spend a lot of time
training others?

Do you have a way to easily get people to join your
business, so it’s easy for them to get people to join
their business?

Once people get started in your business, do they
immediately know what to do?

Let me share a few key ideas so you can make sure
you have an organization that duplicates itself …

1) You need to first make sure that everyone on your
team understands that duplication is the key to success

2) Your team needs to have a system to get quality leads

3) Your system needs to be easy

4) Having a way to communicate with your new team is

   imperative to your teams success


Become The Team Leader You Want Your Team To Be

As professionals in this industry we’re approached by tons
of solutions, strategies, shortcuts, and then some that can
ultimately have a negative affect on our businesses.

As a leader of your organization you MUST act as a filter to
ensure that foreign practices do not compromise the duplication
and growth of your group. Most Network Marketing companies have
multiple team calls and training hosted by the various leaders
within the company.

If your organization attends each and every one of these calls,
it’s a HUGE chance that duplication and growth can be affected.

Stay In Tune With Industry Team Builders

Let’s begin by talking about the most important people in your
organization, your new team members. Your new team members have
to achieve success within’ their first week or so and an easy proven
system that everyone can follow has to be in place to ensure that
this happens.

The first thing that you need for your new team members is an easy
to follow process of recruiting and following up. All of the advanced
methods of recruiting can be learned later, keeping it super simple is
key when transitioning a new person into your already duplicated system.

One thing that you DO NOT want to do is push a new
team member to recruit using a specialized skill that took you months
to learn. Doing this will only create a situation where it takes your
new team member months to recruit someone.

Look forward to my next message where I’ll teach
you why:

Systems are the Key to Duplication!

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Best Regards,

Troilus J Moss


Facebook: Troilus Moss           Twitter: @troilusmoss     Google+: Troilus J Moss

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My name is Troilus J Moss, I was raised in the Metropolitan Detroit area where I developed over 20+ years of skills in the Marketing/Direct sales arena. As a professional in the business of investments, marketing, and networking, I have come to realize that the most important commodity in life is, "People & Relationships". I am focused externally with helping others to focus and hone their skills on the basics of relationship marketing so that they can realize their dreams. I love to display my talents and I learned from others who laid the tracks before me to stay Confident and aggressive towards my dreams and helping others. To me, having the proper skills for creating measurable plans, is one of the single most important skills to success that one can possess. Remember, an idea without a plan is just a fantasy! I look forward to networking and building relationships daily. If you're a like minded individual, I believe we have a prosperous rode ahead of us and I CHALLENGE you to push me to push you to greater heights in life and in business. Remember to have fun and I'll see you at the top. Happy Marketing, Troilus J Moss P.S. TO WORK WITH ME PERSONALLY, AND GET YOUR 25 FREE QUALIFIED LEADS THAT INCLUDE: NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, AND EMAIL CLICK THE LINK BELOW, DO IT TODAY!!! Opportunity as far as the mind can see...

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