Are You Failing The Relationship Marketing Test?

The Relationship Marketing test and why you should take it…


Most marketers have resulted to mimicking and re-verbalizing what they heard the last amateur marketer had to say about promoting on Facebook and other media. I was approached with a question from an amateur marketer on Facebook who asked me if I wanted some training on how to market on Facebook, Really? Relationship marketing is not re-verbalizing what you heard another amateur speak about.

In relationship marketing, customer profiles, buying patterns, and history of contacts are maintained in a sales database, and an account executive is assigned to one or more major customers to fulfill their needs and maintain the relationship.

Top 5 Secrets To Relationship Marketing

Would You Like To Know The Secrets To Traffic?

Most marketers on Facebook and other Social Media have become narrow-minded one track spammers who don’t want to hear about what really works with relationship marketing. They have been following and listening to amateurs for so long and not getting the results promised, so they automatically assume that all information and tools of this trade must be bogus. This is so far from the truth…

What is Relationship Marketing and what are you doing wrong?

Simply put, Relationship Marketing is not just a way for you to promote your business to people. This type of marketing requires work and it also requires some type of interaction and intermingling that your audience not only recognizes, but they also like what you are talking about and they trust you. This process is also known as creating dialogue and exchange between both the buyer and the seller.

5-pillars of marketing success

This type of direct marketing started to really build momentum and use in the early 60’s and 70’s. The scope of this marketing was the beginning of a new era of marketing that’s personal for buyer and seller respectively. This innovative form of emerging marketing took years of research, development, and tracking of what will give the consumer the ultimate purchasing experience. The end result, Relationship Marketing to the masses to create the ultimate relationship between buyer and seller.

Even this innovative form of marketing has taken on a new spin if you will. That new spin is Attraction Marketing. This type of marketing has seven pillars that you must use to establish a strong foundation to your marketing:

8b-selling-vs-relationship marketing

  1. Become a trusted adviser
  2. Start teaching
  3. Answer questions online
  4. Create one-to-many forms of content
  5. Set it and forget it (Leverage): Because you’re creating content on the Internet, which will probably outlive all of us.
  6. Provide less data, but more insight: What people need is an easy-to-understand break down of the information already available
  7. Create more advanced levels of content

Did you create some type of dialogue with your audience or people you are marketing to? Do you even have their attention enough to want to listen to and watch what you say? How often do you get interaction with the post that you do daily? If your answers are begin with an ‘N’ then you are not doing what the successful marketers are not doing. Here is what top earners John and Nadya Melton from Vemma International have to say about Building Your Brand With Facebook:

Time management, consistency, building long-lasting relationships, mastering social media, focusing on our downlines paycheck, and doing income-producing activities every single day…

How do you come up with quality content that your audience wants to hear? This hard but simple task has a lot of ways to be answered, but the most logical that will net into more interaction, is sharing content on things that attract your attention the most without causing harm or disgust to others. 80% of your post should be on content non related to your products/services. Most topics that people find intriguing is humanitarian information, how-to information on home care, tips for new mothers and etc.

Attraction Marketing

By following this model of finding content, you will soon become an expert and a sought after and trusted adviser on both business and life. The trick however, is to gain the trust of your audience by bringing factual usable information that can be applied immediately without having to purchase anything additional.

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 Social Marketing

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My name is Troilus J Moss, I was raised in the Metropolitan Detroit area where I developed over 20+ years of skills in the Marketing/Direct sales arena. As a professional in the business of investments, marketing, and networking, I have come to realize that the most important commodity in life is, "People & Relationships". I am focused externally with helping others to focus and hone their skills on the basics of relationship marketing so that they can realize their dreams. I love to display my talents and I learned from others who laid the tracks before me to stay Confident and aggressive towards my dreams and helping others. To me, having the proper skills for creating measurable plans, is one of the single most important skills to success that one can possess. Remember, an idea without a plan is just a fantasy! I look forward to networking and building relationships daily. If you're a like minded individual, I believe we have a prosperous rode ahead of us and I CHALLENGE you to push me to push you to greater heights in life and in business. Remember to have fun and I'll see you at the top. Happy Marketing, Troilus J Moss P.S. TO WORK WITH ME PERSONALLY, AND GET YOUR 25 FREE QUALIFIED LEADS THAT INCLUDE: NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, AND EMAIL CLICK THE LINK BELOW, DO IT TODAY!!! Opportunity as far as the mind can see...

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