Gold & Silver Just Merged With MLM…

GOLD and SILVER Just Merged with Network Marketing (MLM) Creating One of The Most Powerful Business Opportunities!

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Ground Floor Positioning Taking Place Now

If you’ve been around network marketing for 20 minutes or 20 years you know that 99% of all that is pitched and promoted are juices, vitamins, yummy shakes, travel, cosmetics, phone service, etc. It’s mind numbing isn’t it?


Well, you have just discovered that there is a completely different option to the “norm” with the introduction of the world’s first and only full service, full spectrum, precious metals firm in the direct sales / MLM arena! Smart and timely!

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Welcome to International Silver Network (ISN)
Finally, A Professional Product You Can Be Proud Of!

Hello, my name is Troilus “CoinPro” Moss, I’m from Detroit, MI and together with my business partners Tara Christopher, Pete Olsen and Jim Lewis we have been selected to help launch this incredible company, ISN into all of North America. This was a huge honor of course and we’re collectively now putting our teams together.

1). INTERNATIONAL SILVER NETWORK (ISN) is now launching in North America – even though ISN is a solid 6 year old, international company (25 countries), this past year my partner and I were brought on to launch and run all of North American sales. You would be working directly with us at the very top of ISN while we build out this new, untapped market together.

2). With our extensive precious metals product line, you get to collect and stack real tangible assets (pure .999 Silver and pure 999.9 Gold) bars, rounds, coins, USA Eagles, UK Britannias, Canadian Maple Leafs, kilo bars, US Mint coins, Royal Canadian Mint coins, Royal Mint coins, Perth Mint coins, you name it, the ISN selection is absolutely incredible and world class! Now imagine offering real products like these instead of the usual consumables like vitamins, skin care, super juice, yummy shakes, travel etc. For once, you’ll be viewed as a true professional and taken seriously (because of the product)!

isn treasure chest

3). Why Silver and Gold Now? Both metals are historically priced so incredibly cheap, but more importantly it doesn’t take an economics degree to understand that the US and Global economy is in peril and could possibly unwind or worse, collapse worldwide as early as this year. Make no mistake about it, with 5,000 years of human history, the only true currency and form of wealth will always reside in pure silver and gold. You and your family need to stock up now!

“Those that have Silver and Gold when the collapse occurs will be on the receiving end of the greatest wealth transfer in human history.” – Mike Maloney – founder, owner, author and precious metals expert

4). With our unique company ISN, you’ll get wealthy two ways. You’re paid in lucrative cash commissions for building a network of other “stackers” as well as you personally accumulating as much pure Silver and Gold each week and month, get as much or as little as you want. (You can even earn a Mercedes Benz car bonus too! – we earned ours in our first 90 days). Bonus: we never pay for our silver out of pocket, but out of profits from the business, it’s how we stack big for free, week in and week out…all year long. Absolutely incredible!


5). Just ask yourself this question: “Would you rather have your kitchen cabinets full of juice, vitamins, or skin care products that will probably just sit there and eventually EXPIRE or…. a safe stacked full of pure, Silver and Gold that your family will own for generations to come?”

It’s a no-brainer right? : ) Even if you never recruit or sign up a single person, at the end of the year, you’ll be wealthier, because of the product. We can’t say that about any other MLM product we’ve ever seen, can you?

Silver & Gold Bullion

6). Proven and simple “1-2-3” recruiting system! We’ve secured a very specific “target market” lead source and laid out a proven system for our team to follow, a true downline building system. DO NOT make a list of your friends and bug them to join, we don’t do home parties or hotel rallies and neither will you.

This is a network marketing program for professionals who want to build and operate like a true professional. We will teach you the most powerful recruiting and building system used by top pros to build huge downlines.

Start By Watching These 3 Incredible Videos:

1). ISN Modern Coins – International Silver Network Brand new, 9 minute company overview.

2). “14 Reasons To Buy Silver Now” – This will be the most important educational video you will see this year. Don’t screw around and think you can multi-task or check Facebook while watching. Take it seriously, find a quiet place…please, sit and watch – take this information seriously.

3). “The Price Issue” Real-Time Google Search Flushes Out The Truth!
This 10 min video will prove to you how competitively priced ISN is compared to the rest of the worldwide mainstream gold and silver market.

How To Get Started With ISN and Our Team

1). Go to

2). Click on ‘Get Started’ in the upper right corner.

3). Select the “Treasure Chest” option – this will give you the biggest value and most amount of precious metals – by far. Even better, when you get started with the Treasure Chest you instantly become a Director with ISN which allows you to completely “max out” the compensation plan from day one. It’s what we did and what we totally recommend.

Hope you enjoyed the above information and looking forward to having you on our ISN Silver and Gold Stacking team!

All the best,

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Click my picture to work with me personally!

Troilus “CoinPro” Moss
Detroit, MI
Director North America
International Silver Network, LLC
(248) 274-6677

P.S.     The silver and gold pictures below are NOT RANDOM Google images, but rather represent actual precious metals stacks from ISN reps. This is our product line, Real…Tangible…Assets!

P.S.S.     Has the economy affected you? Take our website tour and learn relevant information on a potential solution. After the tour you can receive  a FREE .999 Fine Silver Rhino Bar & a Chance to WIN a FREE 1oz Mint State 69 American Silver Eagle at:

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Gold Bullion 1 isn coin collection 2


My name is Troilus J Moss, I was raised in the Metropolitan Detroit area where I developed over 20+ years of skills in the Marketing/Direct sales arena. As a professional in the business of investments, marketing, and networking, I have come to realize that the most important commodity in life is, "People & Relationships". I am focused externally with helping others to focus and hone their skills on the basics of relationship marketing so that they can realize their dreams. I love to display my talents and I learned from others who laid the tracks before me to stay Confident and aggressive towards my dreams and helping others. To me, having the proper skills for creating measurable plans, is one of the single most important skills to success that one can possess. Remember, an idea without a plan is just a fantasy! I look forward to networking and building relationships daily. If you're a like minded individual, I believe we have a prosperous rode ahead of us and I CHALLENGE you to push me to push you to greater heights in life and in business. Remember to have fun and I'll see you at the top. Happy Marketing, Troilus J Moss P.S. TO WORK WITH ME PERSONALLY, AND GET YOUR 25 FREE QUALIFIED LEADS THAT INCLUDE: NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, AND EMAIL CLICK THE LINK BELOW, DO IT TODAY!!! Opportunity as far as the mind can see...

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